Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sketchclub: Gandhi Jr.

Shortly after I arrived in L.A. I was fortunate to be invited to sketchclub by my long time blog buddies Marcelo and Armand (check their blogs in my links). It was great to finally meet in person after about 4-5 years of blog friendship. If you're an artist and have not yet started a blog...DO IT NOW!!! It is by far the best way to connect, interact and learn from other artist. You get what you put into it of course. I personally owe John Nevarez a great big thank you, for getting me started on the blog thing about 4 years ago. I'd go as far to say, that about 85-90% of the people I connect with in the business today, is people I've somehow met through blogging.

Ok...that was my bloggydi blog speech, so here's the "mark" that Marcelo picked out at today's sketchclub. He said...:How 'bout Gandhi behind us?...and I think we all agreed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maul Brunt Ogre

Busy busy busy trying to get my stuff in front of as many as possible here in CA, so here's a little something to keep my blog fresh. This dude's a Maul Brunt Ogre, captured and controlled by one of the Dark Warlocks. "Dark Warlock" is a term used by the 19 members of "The Cross parallel Highway Montrosh" (the "good" guys).

Half the fun of drawing characters is to come up with their back story. Makes them "real" to me.

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