Friday, October 20, 2006

Easy Button & Great great granddad

Wow, this is insane, two posts within four days!!!
Well, I have recently made it a habit, to take a few 5 min. breaks througout the day at work, to draw some of the things I'm thinking about while drawing what I get paid to draw. I send them by internal company email to my buddy Ben Reynolds, who sits right next to me. If I hear a sudden chuckle from Ben a few mins. later, I know I hit the target:). It's mainly caricatures of the huge array of "special" personalities working at the studio. Sometimes just silly thoughts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sheep & Buccaneer

Just a few sheep designs and a Buccaneer. For those who are not aware, buccaneer comes from the french word boucanier. Boucaniers was actually not seafaring Pirates to begin with, but thieves and hunters stealing cattle, pigs and sheep on land througout the islands of the caribbean in the 17th century. They smoked the meat on boucans (wooden frames) so it would last longer. Something they were taught by the Arawak tribes from Santo Domingo. The Arawak called this barbicoa, which is also where the word Barbeque comes from. Later on the thieves (boucaniers) were forced out to sea and that's when they became known as Pirates. Well, just wanted to explain why I put the buccaneer with the sheep;)

P.S. ....and yes, I was inspired a bit by Goodrich's Shaw........well hmmmm, it's pretty much Shaw with bandana!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jungle Layout

Here's a layout for a 10'x32' jungle themed wall mural I did yesterday. I actually did two of them this week, so I might post the other one later. When I'm not working on film stuff, this is pretty much what I do. I've probably done somewhere between 100 and 150 of these so far. Not all jungle though, the themes varies from "Big City Rooftops" to "Deep Underwater" and everything inbetween.

Update: I do not actually go out and paint the murals myself. I make the designs and layouts and then a skilled team of painters travels to the client. Mostly out of state and across the country.

2nd Update: By popular demand, I dug up some photos of finished wall murals and themed environments I've designed over the past few years. These are all my designs (exept some character designs and few existing props), but only design! Color choice and actual painting (on location) was done by other artists.
The "Jungle" mural design I posted here, will probably not be painted until 4-6 months from now.

Thanks a lot for all your comments and your interest in my work. I really appreciate it!:)

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